Facebook Terms Of Service Update

Most terms that the users must agree with are mostly elaborate maze like sentences that encode a secret agreement that only college professors can understand. Ok well, not that complicated but it is more complex that it needs to be. I don’t know one person in my life that has ever read any terms of service completely and understood its contents thoroughly. Understand in this day and age your privacy is sought after by many people. This has been a huge market for years but now at an all time high.

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Forgive me for being over protective. Its just, if you knew what is at stake you would agree. As it states in the Facebook Terms Of Service the contents may be updated at anytime. Meaning they will update it from time to time to protect their interests. Like all other terms they redirect the users to different pages including Facebook Principles, Data Policy and many more. Unless you feel like dedicating two hours of your time to read each page you will have to prematurely agree.

facebook termsMost of their true intentions will never be publicly available for anyone outside the company to see. Most social media websites are information data centers.  Many corporations are at mercy to their stock holders. Their basic approach is you grant Facebook the right to use you information, pictures and videos royalty free.  So they will share all that with advertisers to market users. This agreement is terminated when you deactivate your account. If your picture was shared however it will remain until that users also deletes it.

Behind The Scenes

While they encode their terms in lengthy paragraphs they try to express their plan to protect your privacy. Just know that these accounts are not technically yours. They are the property of Facebook. They specifically use Cookies to keep track of your meta data. This will be used to present advertising that are relevant to your interests. All the pages, photos, videos and posts you like are recorded.You willfully supply this to them royalty free wile they make money from it.


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